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Turnaround Support

Dynamic organisations in the public eye are constantly reviewing all levels of their communications.

Whether government, quangos, professional or specialist organisations or association, all are trying to turn around the wealth of content and knowledge they have and create modern digital and self financing formats.

We work in the UK and across Europe.

Most organisations have valuable legacy events, newsletters, magazines and other channels of communicating to specialist and professional audiences.    The challenge is to turn them around into valuable, modern, digital and funded programmes for members, industries, business sectors, public sector staff, European and international audiences.

We help you analyse your existing audience and reconfigure your stable of events, newsletters and new digital channels.

We bring extensive policy and management experience to help devise content and the best vehicles for different audiences.

There are as many event and exhibition formats as there are magazines on a Tesco news stand, all with key differences and triggers – we can help you understand and adapt.

We help organisations change the effectiveness, value for money and targeting of content to specialist and professional organisations.

We help restructure skills and teams to produce new material in new formats.

We train and coach staff.

Plus, we are prepared to stand behind our advice and provide new revenue streams, fund and finance new events.

We are leaders in online TV for specialist and professional organisations.  We help you turn existing events and training into valuable catalogues of programmes for specialist and professional markets.