6th International Carers Conference

Care and caring: future proofing the new demographics

Thursday 3rd September, Opening Reception | Friday 4th - Sunday 6th September 2015, Conference

Gothia Towers, Gothenburg, Sweden

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6th International Carers Conference
Care and Caring: Future proofing the new demographics

3 - 6 September 2015
Gothia Towers, Gothenburg, Sweden
Co-hosted by Swedish Family Care Competence Centre, Carers Sweden and Carers UK

30 countries represented l 23 leading world authorities on care & caring l 200 + papers

About the conference:

How we manage care and caring in the face of demographic change increasingly dominates social policy, research and practice across the globe. This landmark event brings together key global players working to develop solutions to one of the century’s greatest challenges. If you are a strategic decision maker, or a representative from an NGO, practitioner, policy maker, researcher, health and care service or technology provider – this event is for you!

Key themes:

  • Health, social care and well-being: how do societies and economies manage care in the face of demographic change and more mobile populations? 
  • Combining work and care: how can we support people to manage their working and caring lives, contributing to business, economic and social sustainability? 
  • Paying for care: how can we share the costs of care between the individual, family, community and the state? How can we ensure there is a vibrant market for care? 
  • Technology-enabled care and support: how can new technologies support the delivery of care, transform the lives of individuals and families and drive economic growth? 

The conference is for: 

  • International government representatives 
  • International and European institutions – UN, WHO, European Commission and European Platforms 
  • International carers organisations
  • Local government health, social care, housing and related agencies
  • Health and care insurance providers 
  • Financial services 
  • Technology enabled care products and services – suppliers and providers
  • International NGOs – disability, health and equalities 

Confirmed keynote speakers:

H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden

Asa Regnér
Minister for Children, Older People and Gender Equality, Government Offices of Sweden 

Baroness Jill Pitkeathley OBE
Member of the House of Lords, UK

Dr Alexandre Kalache, MD, PhD
Co-President, International Longevity Centre (ILC) Global Alliance; President, ILC-Brazil, Senior Advisor on Global Aging, the New York Academy of Medicine, HelpAge International Global Ambassador on Ageing

Lord Filkin 
Chair, Centre for Ageing Better, UK 

Anil Patil
Founder and Executive Director, Carers Worldwide

Heléna Herklots
Chief Executive, Carers UK

Dr Susan C. Reinhard
AARP Public Policy Institute, USA

Ralf Jacob 
DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission

Dr Kathleen Frisbee 
Co-Director, Connected Health, US Department of Veterans Affairs, USA

Paul Thomas
Enterprise Strategist and Architect, Microsoft (STC) Corporation

Bruce Bonyhady AM 
Chairman, National Disability Insurance Agency, Australia

Nadine Henningsen
President, Canadian Caregiver Coalition

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Associated Pre Conference Events

Wednesday 2nd September 2015

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Third Annual International Alliance of Carer Organizations Meeting

The International Alliance of Carer Organizations (IACO) will hold its third annual meeting this year. IACO is the first and only international coalition dedicated specifically to providing resources and advocacy for family carers at an international level. The purpose of the meeting is to bring together international carer advocates to discuss important issues in the space, and bring important visibility to the cause of carers around the world.

This meeting is BY INVITATION ONLY.

Contact: For further information contact Rick Greene rickgreene@caregiving.org

Thursday 3rd September 2015 


Annual General Meeting

Eurocarers is the European association working with and for informal carers, irrespective of their age or the particular health need of the person they are caring for. Our network brings together nearly 70 carers organisations and research institutes from across Europe.

The purpose of Eurocarers is to advance the issue of informal care at both national and EU levels through raising awareness about the contribution made by carers to health and social care systems and the economy as a whole and about the need to safeguard this contribution. It seeks to ensure that both EU and national policies take carers into account, e.g. by promoting the social inclusion of carers, by enhancing the development of support services for carers and by enabling them to remain active in paid employment and maintain a social life.

Contact: Stecy Yghemonos sy@eurocarers.org for further information.

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