Maternity, Midwifery and Baby

Midwifery Exchange

Friday 27th February 2015

Grange City Hotel, 3 Coopers Row, London, EC3

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Plenary Speakers

Sue Macdonald
Midwifery Consultant

Anne Lomax
Senior Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire

Dr Tracey Cooper
Consultant Midwife, University of Central Lancashire

Participants at the June 2014 event said:

“Extremely informative day – has resulted in questing and reflecting on practice and ways to try to develop, especially parent education.” Siobhan Rhind-Mullen (Midwife)



This event took place on Friday 27th February 2015
Midwifery Exchange, the next in our successful series of professional forums for midwives and other healthcare professionals caring for mothers and their babies.

This clinically focussed programme will bring together expert contributions on a range of key topics, including Supporting women with complex needs, the third stage of labour and examination of the newborn.

The day offers a great opportunity to find out about new research, innovations and practice development initiatives  that impact on your daily life.

It is a place to share, debate and discuss midwifery and newborn issues, network and link up with like minded practitioners and also find out 'what’s new' in products and services that might help you in the real world of midwifery in 2014.

For those who have been pushing forward a project, piece of research or practice innovation, this is the place to present to like minded colleagues in a lively, and supportive environment in a cost-effective way.   

We are now seeking abstracts on the following themes:

Bringing research into practice

Listening to mother/Listening to baby – new perspectives on newborn care

Pushing boundaries – innovations in practice

Educating students for real world midwifery

Supporting women and families with complex needs

If you have a piece of research or a project that fits into one of the above themes and wish to present your work then please click here

Participants at the June event said:


"Relevant, forward thinking and providing a good balance of reality and challenge within midwifery practice. Gives up what it says in the title!!"
Judith Kurutac, LSA Midwife

“Well organised, excellent speakers who are passionate about midwifery”
Evelyn Collison (Senior Lecturer)

“Interesting and stimulating seminars, uplifting message – renews faith in profession. We are a caring profession, let’s care for each other.”
Alison Birrell (Midwife)