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Online Licences - How they work

Open Online licences

An open online licence lets as many staff in your organisation watch the content of the conference or the briefing as you choose.

Staff can watch individually and use the blended learning packages or in groups for training or discussion.

Open Online Licences

  • Enable  live and on demand viewing of specialist, professional and policy issues.
  • Enables whole groups of staff to get up to date briefing, case studies and insight from major conferences.
  • Staff with family and caring  avoid exclusion from up to the minute information essential for their work and prospects.
  • Are great value for money, bringing undiluted presentations to every level of staff.
  • Can be put together into mini seminars and discussion points for committees.
  • Are a powerful staff induction, training or preparation tool for training managers and Talent managers.

If an organisation buys an open online licence before on of our conference or seminars then one person can attend free for the networking and then to lead later discussion.

Delegates return from  conferences then hold small group briefings or staff conferences using the most challenging and best case studies.

This multiplies the number of staff who benefit and adds value for money.

To learn more contact Katrina Wright or Paul Rushworth on 00 44 207 324 4330


With 7000 presentations available online Policy Review has one of the biggest libraries of specialist and

In the Autumn of 2014 new Specialist Briefings will be launched.